DevOps Engineer

EMEA · Full-time · Senior

About The Position

We’re looking for an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer to join Elementor’s Cloud R&D team.

You will design, implement, and manage a highly scalable cloud infrastructure environment that hosts all Elementor cloud websites. You’ll also support our R&D cloud operations by providing automated tools and CI/CD processes.

Work Environment

What do we do?

Elementor is the leading website building platform for WordPress professionals.

Our vision is to empower web creators - developers, designers, and marketers, with the ability to create their future one pixel at a time. We provide our users with everything they need to succeed.

A new website is created every 10 seconds using Elementor!

Since we launched in Israel in 2016, we have expanded to more than 180 countries, with more than 15M websites powered by Elementor. About 10% of all websites around the world are built using Elementor!

How do we do it?

At Elementor, we’re building the future of web creation.

We believe in empowering our employees and our users, enabling people to grow.

Creativity, professionalism, curiosity, motivation, and friendship are the driving force behind our journey, and we take great pride in the people of Elementor who lead the company’s constant scaling.



  • Continuously improve our infrastructure to be more secure, scalable, and robust
  • Apply new technologies for internal and external services
  • Design, build, and maintain CI/CD pipelines and IaC for our infrastructure
  • Architecture planning for cloud-based solutions
  • Performance optimization to our workloads and GKE clusters
  • Control and develop the monitoring and observability solutions


  • Extensive knowledge of Google Cloud Platform. Especially managing GKE clusters and workloads.
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Experience with ArgoCD to manage K8s deployments
  • Experience with CloudFlare, WAF rules, DDOS, DNS, etc


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